You Can’t Go Wrong Being Strong

by | Jan 11, 2020 | Yoga

Hamstring MusclesWhen it comes to good physical health, I like to think of it as a whole body system.  We are 3D organisms, 360 degrees around, spherical and dynamic.   Our bodies were made to be moving constantly.  So what happens when we aren’t?  And what happens when we move too much repetitively (think running, cycling, etc)?
When athletes use global muscles as stabilizers and the deep stabilizers aren’t being used, they can become injured quick, hard and fast.  The body shouldn’t injure easily and there are many ways we can ensure that the nervous system is adaptable to any situation the body comes into.  If anything, we have a buffer to become either not injured at all or have WAY less damage.
I feel like you cannot go wrong with being strong.  Period.   By trying to seek out any stabilizer weaknesses, we can find out what is not working and get it back on board.
Entire faulty movement patters cannot be blamed on one muscle.   I will use the hamstring as an example, because it comes up a lot as a problem that needs to be ‘stretched’ out.    The main reason why a hamstring may feel tight is that it has some weakness and the body puts up tightness as a protection mechanism to keep that weakness from having an injury.   When you try to stretch  or have them massaged out, that protection mechanism will only further inhibit movement, actually making the area feel MORE tight.  The body is doing its job very well.    We just ignore the signals.
When there is a problem with the body (tightness/pain/injury), we need to challenge the existing pattern and upload new information to the body.
Here Is what is happening:
  • Inappropriate firing of muscles
  • Poor stabilization
  • Poor mobility
  • Poor movement pattern
  • Poor central nervous system pattern
  • High levels of compensations.

What My Classes Focus On

In my classes, I always try to isolate an area that may not be working properly.   This may be in the form of doing a movement, looking to see how the class executes it, and then seeing what needs to be changed.   And then we try to activate it or create more mobilization of a joint around it.
Being deeply stable is one of the most important jobs of the body,  everything else is the cherry on top!
So, next time you wonder why class seems boring and why we take our time, you will understand it better.
Please let me know if you have any questions!


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