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by | Feb 24, 2023 | Yoga

Ohana offers classes for every season on the planet and in your life.   We have spent years cultivating the education and personally responsible ways to serve you in different aspects of your life. We are living in a time where taking care of yourself is top priority.  It is our responsibility to embody empowerment of our personal health.

Daily care,  hourly care and maybe even minute by minute care: what you eat, how you think, who you surround yourself with is imperative to the success of our body, mind and soul. The physical body, our emotions, and our spirit are what we are constantly guiding you to balance.

We offer yearly retreats, where you have a day or longer to slow down, take adequate time for you, present goals, be in community yet process individually, be fed, move, practice breathing, chant and meditate.  Then be led in a way at the end to integrate it all.  We try to have these in and around special earthy events.

We offer yearly classes / workshops that are for the person who needs to fill up spiritually, reassess goals, and be in community.

There is still time to sign up for our next retreat!

Our next upcoming retreat, the Spring into Joy All Day Yoga retreat, is a one day retreat that takes place on March 19, 2023. Prepare for the second quarter of the year with yoga, planning, meditating, movement, lunch and chatting. I provide everything for the day. Registering for this will include the 10am morning class and the 4:30pm Restorative yoga class. It is such a special preparation for the spring equinox and new moon. Learn more and register now

If you miss this event, please be sure to visit our complete schedule of yoga classes and events anytime to see our upcoming workshops and more.

Other Ohana offerings

Daily Yoga Classes

  • We offer daily classes that are for the person who wants to take care of movement needs, both in person and on Zoom.  (Aka mix of all levels physical classes)  Classes are even recorded so there is a whole library of categorized classes to choose from!  For a complete list of our current daily yoga classes, please see the full schedule at

Monthly Yoga Classes

  • We offer monthly classes that are for the person who needs a spiritual reassessment, tune up, and release of physical densities.  Our  monthly classes typically relate to the moon, equinox and solstice.  We move, practice breathing, chant, and meditate.  You can see the schedule for those special classes anytime at

Specialty Products

  • We offer products that are complementary to a healthy lifestyle with better habits towards the things you CAN control. From the elements that are available daily, to the food you eat, the water you drink, the consciousness in goals and thoughts, we’ve got you covered. Our custom products are designed to compliment an empowered state of being.  Items include Decks of Motivational sayings you pick daily, a 21 day habit building prompted journal, a yearly calendar that keeps you checking every aspect of your day.  You can browse and purchase our products anytime at the Ohana Online Store.

The Planetary Effect

Whatever type of class you choose, I like to take into account the planetary effects on your emotions, thought processes, and interactions with fellow humans.
Think of it as the planets sending lines of energy relative to their position in the sky, right down to earth and where you are standing at any given time.  They matter, and it helps to make sense of how we are feeling, and how others are acting around you.

Think of the planets as siblings or lines from the same heritage, that are always trying to interact in an invisible way.   This includes the moon when we see it at its fullest and at it’s darkest.  This also includes pivotal changes in season.

We are here for your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.   Check back often to see our new offerings for classes, retreats and products.

Always let us know if you have questions!

I Love you all!
Lisa 😉


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