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by | Apr 18, 2020 | Wellness

“Courage is the power to act regardless of fear and uncertainty.  It allows you to move forward despite knowing you will receive pain, difficulties and need to sacrifice along the journey.” – Giovanni Diestmann


On January 1st of 2019, I had decided to do some things each day.  Meaning, by the end of the year, I would have committed to doing these things every single day.
I knew that 2020 was important  in that something big was going to happen.  I knew I needed to be prepared.  Here is what I wrote on December 31st, 2019 on Facebook and Instagram.
“I write this on the last day of the year. I am normally pretty private about what I do, (only really sharing in our intimate training groups) but today I have a lot to say, so this will be a long post. 
A little factoid about me is that I get up SUPER early. Like crazy early, because I feel the need to get things done and not waste life away sleeping too much (although I don’t require a ton of sleep anyway). I had spent the past year committing to things that I wanted to do/trial. To see if they would improve my life. I have a great life, but there is ALWAYS room for improvement. 
So at the end of 2018 I committed to the following:
Writing in a journal every single day ✔️


Praying every single day. ✔️
Drinking celery juice every single day ✔️
Drink wheatgrass every single day ✔️
Taking cold showers, even in the winter ✔️
Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa at least 365 times or more ✔️
Chanting to Lakshmi at least 365 times or more ✔️
Tap in an Asenscion script 365 times ✔️
Exercise in some form every single day ✔️
Be kind to others. Always. ✔️
Help as many people as I can. ✔️
Give more than I receive. ✔️
To read every single day(articles/books) ✔️
To learn something new every single day ✔️
Trying to fit in all other chants, mantras, prayer practices in whenever there was extra time (to Jesus, Quan Yin, Ganesh and Babaji, for compassion, for peace, for healing)✔️✔️✔️✔️
I try to set up unachievable goals to see how strong I really am, mentally and physically. These were hard to achieve. There were days I wish I didn’t have a commitment and didn’t want to have to stay up late making sure I completed what I said I would do, but I did it❤
One would wonder why I would do all of this and was I looking for a benefit. See, I do things for the pleasure of knowing that it will keep me healthy in some way. That everything I do is a form of preventative maintenance. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t drink coffee, I don’t do drugs or take substances.   I don’t look for outside people to make me happy, I know it’s MY job to make myself happy. Anything else is wonderful. 
Do I feel great? Yes. I have seen improvements in hair growth and health, skin texture has improved, I have even more energy than before and I can regulate my temperature better. 
It is nice to see things improve but it takes time, courage, commitment and strength. That was tested throughout the year, but I feel that much stronger going into 2020. Riled up. Amped up to see what lies ahead. You fail and you learn from that failure. It’s a sign you need to work more intelligently and that’s where I am today. 
Having kids shows every crack in your character. Every flaw. Everything that needs to be worked on. You don’t really want to look for strife or right every single wrong because you are a constant vigilante in your own ecosystem. Love and peace HAVE to matter. There is no choice. You can’t wash away your problems with substances. The work is always there right in front of you. Here is to 2020. Here is to more years of work and challenges ahead. Life isn’t supposed to be easy. I’m ready.  
And here is something I learned today…….levensmoed is Dutch translated to optimism or courage to life. Let’s have the courage together.”
Now as I look back at what I wrote five months ago, it couldn’t be more true for today and where we are in society.
My commitment now is to help as many people as possible with what I learned from the sacrifices, courage and dedication along my life journey.
Commit to something
Improve your mental state
Remember you are enough
Learn something new every day
Have the courage to put in the work, because you won’t regret it, and it will lead you to places you never thought possible.
I Love you all!
Lisa 😉
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