Health is the new wealth

A heart-centered, all-encompassing place to come for overall health, helping to build harmony and manage your spirituality. A loving home for those near and far.
Ohana Yoga Fuchsia Flower


A different approach to health care that restores vitality and function by addressing and reversing dysregulation in the body and helping support the body’s self-healing capacity, balancing, harmonizing, and detoxing the systems.


Surrendering into gravity with ease and responsibility, rewiring and coordinating the brain and body connection one movement at a time, one human at a time. Our daily classes are designed to relieve pain and understand your body better.
Ohana Yoga Fuchsia Flower
Yoga Training Application


Lifestyle and well-being products created to supplement and support your mind, body, and soul. We have products for adults and children. Designed to monitor your life and make it easier. Found on Amazon, local stores in NH, and can be ordered directly from Ohana.


Making, with love,  quality foods with quality ingredients
Yoga Training Application
Yoga Training Application

Ohana Education

With our extensive knowledge of the human body and all its processes, we have easy-to-understand courses designed to help you understand the methodology of yoga, how the body works, and how to optimize your life and well-being.


Everyone is part of the family at Ohana. We treasure everyone’s unique contributions to society and how we all need each other to survive and thrive.

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