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“Transformation does not happen because of good intentions, it happens because the necessary enrichment happens on all levels.” – Sadhguru

How are you?  We think about our family so very often and wish you, yours, and the whole planet well.
As human beings we function a little differently than any other being on the planet, as we tend to create boundaries that make us feel like we have to act within certain rules.   In reality we don’t function well with boundaries as it is deters us from knowing our inherent existence.   And when these things are out of balance, we feel this deeply in a manner of emotions that don’t serve us (anxiety, anger or depression).    We have things like, jobs, families and houses that are wonderful ways to create an identity, but if we don’t find ways to turn within, those things will fell like they are squashing the existential reality of who we truly are.
Did you know that daily yoga practice is a way to nourish yourself, where you are fully involved in your wellbeing, and not entangled in the stories of the past or unknown future that you tell yourself.     Just as a flower doesn’t try to blossom, it does indeed blossom through proper nourishment of sun, water, and fertilizer. You don’t try to intentionally blossom, but by proper nourishment of your physically body, mentally and emotional states, and energetically output, you can blossom into your infinite existence.    Working diligently on these things allows you to become untangled from experiences that make us feel anything less than whole and complete.
When we take you through a class, we try to work on these different elements, and hope you can take some of it with you and do something daily that makes you find joy, peace, and nurturing (think meditation, sitting in silence, sitting in nature, just sitting with your eyes closed away from the external).  So even in chaotic situations, you know you can tap into the divinity within you that is perfect and pure.
For now we are able to offer the following for you:
15 online classes a week*
New free classes being added on the virtual studio
Free Facebook Lives each week (mantra or meditation),
and Online Private Coaching/Instruction Sessions
*Our weekly schedule is on the Mindbody app.  You just need to use the Zoom link to enter them all.
Our link for Ohana classes is
Love you and stay safe!
Lisa 😉
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