Our Continuous Process of Teaching

by | Feb 9, 2020 | Healing

Have you ever wondered how much time goes into preparing an hour movement class?   A lot. Like an entire career. 

Continual Learning

We spend time understanding and translating content such as anatomy and sequencing.  But then we meet people like you and we learn.  We learn that we don’t know as much as we should, and we go back to the drawing board of education.  Or that we see something new such as how the body is evolving through too much screen time, too little activity or too much demanding activity.    

All the Avenues of Healing

So we do more education, more study, take it back to the mat and trial and experiment on ourselves; then again see how it lands on you all.  See, we take the hit (of time and money)  looking at all avenues of healing.  Is it the breath, is it just movement, is it the mind, or your past?   Where do we need to concentrate our studies?  What avenue is next?  I know personally I have deviated into many different realms of brain and eye based work, pain science, the ins and outs of the nervous system, common pathology and specifics on the lymphatic and joint function. 

A Plan for Progress

Then after all of our continuous studies, we may feel that there is more work to be done on our end to create a class that generates the most change for long term success.  We may see you once, or we may see you multiple times throughout the week to identify the problems with poor movement patterns that we could help change in your day to day. 

One Size Does Not Fit All

There is a problem with that too, though, because you all are individuals with different pasts, pain biofeedback and traumas.   Depending on people’s jobs, social actives and hobbies, will create a difference of where we need to help you help yourselves.  We know that one exercise program cannot be a one stop shop to what needs to be done.  Individual problems need to be dealt with individual solutions, not just a boxed set choreographed class. 

Ohana Offerings Continue to Grow

Sometimes we have classes that just try to pull you out of the stress state, other classes try to build deep specific strength, and others try to bring more awareness to the patterns in your life that may be causing the discomfort in the first place.

Either way, be rest assured that we at Ohana will always be educating ourselves to make sure we understand all that you are going through, and that you have many class offerings to chose from depending on what you need.

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