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by | Sep 28, 2019 | Wellness

“If you just do the easy things in life, then life is hard.   If you do the hard things in life, then life becomes easy.”  Jim Kwik
Hello my beautiful friends!!!!!!   Here we are.  September is upon us.   I am always amazed when this time of year pops up.  It is the start of MY new year.  ;-).  Lots beginning, fresh perspectives, change, and growth.   It truly feels dynamic, exciting and challenging all in one.
One thing that always stays the same is my commitment to this path of providing a health, healing and movement center to the community.  Having a space where just by walking through the door, the feeling of centeredness washes over you.  Just THAT seems to be enough for people, but then everyone always blows me away by also putting in the hard work, and giving time for proper integration where I see huge rewards in an increased positive mental state.  The health journey is often slow yet deliberate, intricate and safe.  It makes me so happy to know that we have a space where many daily classes are available to give you access to the benefits of being in community, where everyone is working towards an individual goal, yet also being in a supportive environment.   Having a space where we offer enough classes, daily and weekly, that you can establish a healthy habit of getting to a class every single day, if needed.
This space is ours.  There is ownership and responsibility we all share to keep the center going.  To have it be accessible for anyone, where safety, open arms, and open hearts are in abundance.    I love when I get to watch new students get taken under the wing of a seasoned student, registering, showing where the bathroom is, setting up their practice space…..  It warms my heart to see that we are all stewards of this studio that has only increased in importance, as a staple in the community.
I thank you all from my full heart in this endeavor I had a vision for years ago.
 I really love you all so much.
 Lisa 😉

   Family News!
We are shuffling things about a bit for September!   Always check the app or website for the most up to date classes, who is teaching and time changes.    Or feel free to message me at any time and I can let you know!
Kelly is a contributor to the newsletter.  Her thoughts and poems are too good not to share.  Her journey through yoga can only be described as monumental.  Please enjoy!
Travel Light
“Let it go” gets thrown around a lot, not only yoga, but it seems to be a quick go to motto when life’s troubles are dragging us down.
We don’t need a lesson in letting go. It happens all by itself, in its own timing. Amid sorrow, anger, loneliness, relationship distress many other hardships we are still able to find moments of peace, grace, laughter, and love.
We need a lesson in simply not picking these emotions, people, patterns and mindsets back up when they are no longer serving our greater good.
When we engulf ourselves in the present moment, we allow room for gratitude to what is here, now.
Traveling light allows us to fully experience the beauty of the world.
Spiritual Kits for sale
Stacey Elysian and I teamed up in an effort to elevate others.     Two friends who combined years of knowledge and experience, aspiring  to make a difference in the communities and the world, by bringing spiritually conscious kits, to assist you along your path, and to make life better –  as a tribe!   We took everything that has worked for us, and made bite sized chunks for you to experience each month.  We work very hard on these to make your months better.
Most of these kits are spoken for right away, but we are trying to squirrel away some extras for those who may not know about them.
Septembers kit is all about Habits/Belief/Miracles.
The kit includes:
Guided Meditation from Stacey
Selenite Candle Holder
Wooden Mala
Scientific Affirmations for Healing
Powerful chant
Extra packet of information on habit building
The kits cost is $30.    We have five remaining.



Drepung Gomang Monks Visit Contoocook!
November 4th – 11th, 2019
Five years ago some monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery visited our little town of Contoocook, NH.   They made their mark all around town, spreading compassion and kindness.    Their work on the sand mandala and ceremony to disperse the sand into the river was one of touching sentiment.   The night of food at the library, the sacred arts display of dance and chant was also one for the books.
I am happy to announce that they will be back this neck of the woods and I couldn’t be happier.   We will, again, all need to work together to gather supplies of food, flowers, and places for them to set up.
They work all on donations to fund their land and space in India governed by the Dalai Lama, and I know our town will step it up to provide them funds to bring back to their cherished homestead.  In exchange, they show us their traditions and ceremonies of Tibet.
Please stay tuned for how you can help, and what the schedule will be during that week.     My heart is so happy for this opportunity again.
Foundations in Thai Massage Level I    w/Shai Plonski      $400

Nov 15th – 6pm – 8:30pm
Nov 16th – 10am – 6pm

Nov 17th – 9am – 5pm

Thai Massage combines the best of yoga, massage, meditation and energy work into a powerful healing modality. Among its many benefits, clients report an amazing ability for the massage to help remove tension, eliminate pain in the neck, shoulders, back and legs and to feel more youthful, deeply relaxed and refreshed.

That is because Thai Massage gets the body to move how it was designed while combining customized massage techniques. As such it helps clients to heal themselves naturally.

What’s more, you learn to give it as a meditation in loving kindness and compassion. As such the benefits are shared and they are profound. By design you’ll learn to massage so that it is at least as good to give as it is to receive.

This is a class designed for yoga teachers, massage therapists and those without any experience. In addition to the massage itself, yoga teachers will be able to gain confidence and knowledge for giving assists, incorporate Thai Massage into their classes and have a new treatment to offer private students. Massage therapists will be able to start offering a new modality to their clients right away. And those without any experience can give a high-level massage even after one weekend of training.

In this course, you will learn a complete 60-minute massage:
* How to massage back, shoulders, legs, feet, head and hands;
* The secrets of developing intuitive touch;
* How to get started on a successful Thai Massage career

This course is accredited with NCBTMB for continuing education and can be used as continuing education with Yoga Alliance.

Did you know?…..
We offer 22+ classes a week
We offer ongoing classes morning & night with ones sprinkled in between.
We have 18 teachers to assist you in your journey
We have 5 musicians that accompany classes
We have an atmosphere that is sacred  and calm
Our energy rises through the energy of the river
What we offer in the group space:
All levels classes (addressing ALL levels)
Gentle Yoga
Chair Yoga
Yin Yoga (see below for benefits)
Yoga Nidra
Functional Movement
Joyful Yoga (you really feel joyful after)
Restorative Yoga
Thai Yoga Massage & Yoga
Holistic Bellydancing
Classes that find ways to access your strength and mobility
What we offer in the treatment room*:
Healthy Lifestyle coaching
Life-force Healing sessions
Certified Angel Healing Practitioner Angel & Oracle Card Readings
*More details below in the ‘Bodywork & More’ section
Please feel free to use the website or Ohana Yoga NH App for the most up to date information on classes and teacher coverage.
We have classes every day – Morning and evening and some sprinkled in between! We offer affordable classes where you are able to come as often as you can without a disruption in your practice.

About Ohana!
Mobile App! 
We now have an app!    Looking up classes, check if a class is canceled,  knowing who is covering, signing up or paying will be much easier.  The most up to date information is always available here!  The look and feel are more navigational.  It’s free! Check it out!
Feel free to leave us a review on either the app (Ohana Yoga NH) or our Facebook page ( Review Ohana!),  if you have enjoyed Ohana thus far.  We appreciate it so much.  There are many people scared to even attempt going to a class, and we would love for them to know what others think about their experience and what to expect.  Thank you in advance!


If you come two times a week or more, you may want to consider a yearly pass, to fully immerse in the many offerings, without the hassle.

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable: We are trained to help you gain a better perspective of your habits and patterns.  We do our best to bring you out of your comfort zone; the place that you have been for a long time and is causing your suffering.  Thank you for letting us serve you, by working together to bring out the light that is already shining within.

Lisa and the Ohana Team !
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