Moon, Earth & You – Yoga Retreats

Moon, Earth & You – Yoga Retreats

Ohana offers classes for every season on the planet and in your life.   We have spent years cultivating the education and personally responsible ways to serve you in different aspects of your life. We are living in a time where taking care of yourself is top priority.  It is our responsibility to embody empowerment of our personal health.

Daily care,  hourly care and maybe even minute by minute care: what you eat, how you think, who you surround yourself with is imperative to the success of our body, mind and soul. The physical body, our emotions, and our spirit are what we are constantly guiding you to balance.

We offer yearly retreats, where you have a day or longer to slow down, take adequate time for you, present goals, be in community yet process individually, be fed, move, practice breathing, chant and meditate.  Then be led in a way at the end to integrate it all.  We try to have these in and around special earthy events.

We offer yearly classes / workshops that are for the person who needs to fill up spiritually, reassess goals, and be in community.

There is still time to sign up for our next retreat!

Our next upcoming retreat, the Spring into Joy All Day Yoga retreat, is a one day retreat that takes place on March 19, 2023. Prepare for the second quarter of the year with yoga, planning, meditating, movement, lunch and chatting. I provide everything for the day. Registering for this will include the 10am morning class and the 4:30pm Restorative yoga class. It is such a special preparation for the spring equinox and new moon. Learn more and register now

If you miss this event, please be sure to visit our complete schedule of yoga classes and events anytime to see our upcoming workshops and more.

Other Ohana offerings

Daily Yoga Classes

  • We offer daily classes that are for the person who wants to take care of movement needs, both in person and on Zoom.  (Aka mix of all levels physical classes)  Classes are even recorded so there is a whole library of categorized classes to choose from!  For a complete list of our current daily yoga classes, please see the full schedule at

Monthly Yoga Classes

  • We offer monthly classes that are for the person who needs a spiritual reassessment, tune up, and release of physical densities.  Our  monthly classes typically relate to the moon, equinox and solstice.  We move, practice breathing, chant, and meditate.  You can see the schedule for those special classes anytime at

Specialty Products

  • We offer products that are complementary to a healthy lifestyle with better habits towards the things you CAN control. From the elements that are available daily, to the food you eat, the water you drink, the consciousness in goals and thoughts, we’ve got you covered. Our custom products are designed to compliment an empowered state of being.  Items include Decks of Motivational sayings you pick daily, a 21 day habit building prompted journal, a yearly calendar that keeps you checking every aspect of your day.  You can browse and purchase our products anytime at the Ohana Online Store.

The Planetary Effect

Whatever type of class you choose, I like to take into account the planetary effects on your emotions, thought processes, and interactions with fellow humans.
Think of it as the planets sending lines of energy relative to their position in the sky, right down to earth and where you are standing at any given time.  They matter, and it helps to make sense of how we are feeling, and how others are acting around you.

Think of the planets as siblings or lines from the same heritage, that are always trying to interact in an invisible way.   This includes the moon when we see it at its fullest and at it’s darkest.  This also includes pivotal changes in season.

We are here for your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.   Check back often to see our new offerings for classes, retreats and products.

Always let us know if you have questions!

I Love you all!
Lisa 😉


The Fascia System

The Fascia System

The site of pain is not always the site of the injury.


In our latest installment of learning something new at home, let’s talk fascia!!!!!! (thanks to the request/recommendation from one student!)    This is a HUGE topic, so I will do my best to communicate what I know to help you in your day to day life!
“Fascia tissue is a sticky, web-like substance that attaches underneath the skin and is literally everywhere in the body.  It both separates and connects the muscles and the organs, bones, veins, and brain.  It runs from head to toe, fingertip to fingertip, surface to deep.  It has qualities like plastic wrap and can be likened to a giant spider web.  Some have described the way it runs throughout your body like a system of highways on a U.S. map, with roads and complicated interchanges.  It’s not just on top of everything; it’s under, in between, and throughout everything. If we were to extract the fascia system from the body fully intact, it would look just like a 3D cotton candy mummy.  It exists as one single unit without interruption, penetrating, connecting, and separating every single part of the body. ”  Ashley Black
Fun Facts:
  • Fascia LOVES movement
  • Fascia LOVES you to be hydrated
  • If your biomechanics (movement patterns) are pretty crappy, your fascia comes to the rescue to hold everything in place.  That is its job, and it does a damn good job, but we don’t want it to accumulate all on one area.  For example, a Dowagers hump is a collection of fascia that collects at the back of the neck if someone’s heavy head is tipped too far forward for too long.  The fascia comes to the rescue to help hold the neck in place.   The problem?  The fascia doesn’t have the same blood flow as muscles, and nerve function gets cut off.   Using the actual muscles is so much better!!!!
  • Fascia is like duct tape all throughout the body, so it can ball up and grab and trap things like toxins, lactic acid, medications and food additives.  That doesn’t even include the emotions trapped in those areas!
  • Working your fascia stimulates nerve activity and activates blood flow which awakens the unused portion of muscle.   Newly accessed muscle fibers that haven’t been used in a while are tired, weak and droopy.
  • Tight fascia disguises a muscle weakness.  For example, if your hip is unstable, the brain will tighten and clamp down around the hips to stabilize.  Something has to come in and save the day!
  • Tight fascia can pull you out of alignment and cause restrictions elsewhere in the body.  For example, if you pull a sheet on one end, it will affect the rest of the sheets evenness.   It’s the reason someone can have a structural adjustment, then the next day be right back to where they started; the tight fascia pulls the body back out of alignment.
  • When you reveal a weak atrophied muscle, that may have been asleep for years, you pump the area so full of blood that muscle fibers can grow.    When you re-establish blood flow and neurological connection, it can help tone the muscle.
  • If fascia is locked down, it’s the body way of screaming at you, which equals to PAIN sensations. In other words, “Stop what you are doing and pay attention to me!!!  Let’s figure this out together!”
  • Whatever you do from the outside, nothing will help until you have proper blood flow on the inside.   (think face creams – you can put as much as you want on your skin from the outside, but until you massage the face and work the tissue, it won’t have the blood flow to keep the skin with healthy collagen to deliver vital nutrients to the cells).
  • There are four types of fascia and even though they are connected as one, but are found in different parts of the body, with different compositions.
  • Your body is made up of more than 37 trillion cells (blood, skin, muscle, and fascia). These cells are organized into systems.  Fascia is a communication system that interacts with ALL the systems of the body.    What is cool is that if you were to look at the matrix of a body and the organs, it is a web of fascia that holds up things like our organs.  They don’t just suspend in space!
  • Heating up fascia (sun, infrared sauna, exercising) changes the properties of it, making it more pliable to do manual therapy.  

  • Collagen fibers that lie down after a cut, injury or surgery, can be thick and quite uneven if not taken care of.  That is why massaging and stretching the area, getting blood flow to the surface of the skin, and activating the nerves are important to avoid thick adhesions.
  • We want springy complaint fascia, so it can respond and adapt to our movement better.

This picture was a game changer for me.   What we don’t see underneath the skin is good blood flow to a muscle.  It is being choked out by poor patterned fascia that is taking over the function of the muscle, but not functioning like a proper muscle does.

More resources:
Video:  The Fuzz Speech (disclaimer- A cadaver is used in the video)
Enjoy your discoveries!
Lisa 😉
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Vagus Nerve

Vagus Nerve

“What is good may not please everyone – what is pleasing may not be good for everyone” – Sadhguru 

Have you ever heard of the Vagus nerve?  It is sooooo fascinating!    It is an Intergral function of your nervous system and other areas of the body.  Did you know that if you feel nauseous, have heart burn, poor digestion, heart palpitations, dizziness, or anxiety, that they are indicators of a vagus nerve that has low tone?
I love it because when I feel ‘off’ in some way, I know I need to do things that help tone the vagus nerve.     And the things that help tone this nerve are fun!  Humming, laughter, hugging (soon!), being out in the sun, breathing properly, smiling and being in nature, just to name a few!!!
In yoga we are easily able to help you with this tone through proper breathing (diaphragm moving well) and humming/singing (through chanting).
Here are some links on this nerve, and do check out the pictures I have included, as they are too good not to use for a visual learner like me!
Vagus Nerve Article 1
Vagus Nerve Article 2
Vagus Nerve Video 1
Vagus Nerve Video 2
Take this information as another way to be in charge of your own health and self care!
Feel free to pass this along to anyone you think could benefit from this information.
Love you and stay safe!
Lisa 😉
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“You know how to stop judgement from other people?  You stop it from yourself.” – Sonia Zarbatany


When there is more vitality flowing through the body through yoga, meditation, breathing or mantra practice, obstacles seems less scary, more manageable and you can act from a more courageous self.   Gradually, if you expose yourself to things you fear, you tend reduce that threat response.  Since we are connected to each other as humans, we can find the same courageous strength with each other!!!!
“Courage is the power to act regardless of fear.   To be able to hold onto the thought, “I need to do this” or take action.  Courage triumphs over fear and uncertainty.   It allows you to move forward despite you being certain that you will receive pain, difficulties and sacrifices along the journey.”
Ohana has so much in store for you!!!!


Online Classes!

I just scheduled all of the Zoom classes for the week!  If you want to see the schedule please visit the website or check out our app to see them listed.   A few of the classes are different this week.   Check the schedule there.
Our link for Ohana classes is

30 Days to a Habit -Begins THIS Tuesday!!!

Join Chandra Carson and I for a 30 day program that will help you be more aligned with what you want in your life.  To find the power and confidence to ask for what you want from your natural state.   We will ask some tough questions in the beginning to get you to dig up your limiting beliefs and how you have adapted to, and then realign where you want to go through a developed plan over the next 30 days.   It’s like you will be getting your own ‘prescription’ of what will get you to the next steps in 30 days with our personal help and guidance!  There will be four calls with us and constant support throughout.    We are so excited to roll this out.  Please let us know if you have any questions about this program.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.  To register please go here.  What you think manifests VERY quickly right now, so let us help you to find a direction.  This is for anyone at home struggling to find a path including kids who had to move back home for a period of time, confused and anxious about the future.


Prenatal Yoga Training

Have you ever wanted to teach yoga to pregnant mommas?   It is such a special experience to bond with a momma and an unborn baby.  I ran this program in January and it was so utterly amazing to be able to share what I know and have experienced over the past 14 years.    The next scheduled date is May 16th and 17th, and will possibly be through Zoom, should we not be able to meet in person.  There are prerequisites, so now may be the time to start that!   We go over so so so many details that will help a grandparent, doula, current yoga teacher or medical professional to have a very well rounded approach to this rearing.   It is such a beautiful time to shift gears and help those that are bringing new humans onto this planet.


Private Teaching/Coaching/Guidance

I want to be here for you when things arise that you feel you don’t have control over.     We have express fundamental control and power to create whatever we want in life!  To be in the flow and live life on purpose, and live your life by design rather than by default.  So whether you need me for physical movement, or guidance in other areas of breath work, mantra, meditation or journaling, I can try to get you back on track.


Coming soon!

An online virtual studio membership
Masterclasses for the last week of April!!!!!!!


Love you and stay safe!
Lisa 😉


Mobile App! 
Our app is so handy! You can see all of the classes listed, with descriptions and the instructor teaching.   It is always the most up to date option for classes.
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“Transformation does not happen because of good intentions, it happens because the necessary enrichment happens on all levels.” – Sadhguru

How are you?  We think about our family so very often and wish you, yours, and the whole planet well.
As human beings we function a little differently than any other being on the planet, as we tend to create boundaries that make us feel like we have to act within certain rules.   In reality we don’t function well with boundaries as it is deters us from knowing our inherent existence.   And when these things are out of balance, we feel this deeply in a manner of emotions that don’t serve us (anxiety, anger or depression).    We have things like, jobs, families and houses that are wonderful ways to create an identity, but if we don’t find ways to turn within, those things will fell like they are squashing the existential reality of who we truly are.
Did you know that daily yoga practice is a way to nourish yourself, where you are fully involved in your wellbeing, and not entangled in the stories of the past or unknown future that you tell yourself.     Just as a flower doesn’t try to blossom, it does indeed blossom through proper nourishment of sun, water, and fertilizer. You don’t try to intentionally blossom, but by proper nourishment of your physically body, mentally and emotional states, and energetically output, you can blossom into your infinite existence.    Working diligently on these things allows you to become untangled from experiences that make us feel anything less than whole and complete.
When we take you through a class, we try to work on these different elements, and hope you can take some of it with you and do something daily that makes you find joy, peace, and nurturing (think meditation, sitting in silence, sitting in nature, just sitting with your eyes closed away from the external).  So even in chaotic situations, you know you can tap into the divinity within you that is perfect and pure.
For now we are able to offer the following for you:
15 online classes a week*
New free classes being added on the virtual studio
Free Facebook Lives each week (mantra or meditation),
and Online Private Coaching/Instruction Sessions
*Our weekly schedule is on the Mindbody app.  You just need to use the Zoom link to enter them all.
Our link for Ohana classes is
Love you and stay safe!
Lisa 😉
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Sundays Used to Be the Worst

Sundays Used to Be the Worst

Sundays were always the worst. By 3 pm, I started to feel mopey. By 5, I was a bit snippy, side-eyeing my husband for the smallest perceived offenses like NOT offering me Cheetos when he was in the kitchen, despite the fact that I had just informed him that he was not, under any circumstances, to allow me to have any more Cheetos. By 7, I was downright unpleasant. I couldn’t pinpoint the exact problem but all I knew was that I didn’t wanna: Didn’t wanna cook. Didn’t wanna clean. Didn’t wanna sit around. Didn’t wanna go out. At bedtime, I’d wonder if I was sick. Maybe dying. A quick search on WebMD would assure me that I was correct. I veered off of the good doctor’s website in search of cheap entertainment to distract my restless mind, endlessly scrolling through youtube dog videos (so cute!) and other people’s oh-so-perfect family photos on Facebook (ugh, so gross). But the 30 seconds of entertainment served only as a brief detour from my negative thoughts and growing anxiety. 

Until one day when I realized that maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t healthy. Maybe I needed to make some change, find some new ways of coping, get a hobby, possibly even…dare I say it…MOVE my body?!! Assured that there was no way I was going to run unless someone was chasing me, knowing I wasn’t ready to commit to swimming in polar plunge New Hampshire conditions, and not having owned a bicycle since my Huffy in 5th grade, I wondered what people did to get out of their minds into their bodies these days. Google told me yoga was the way. It would solve all my problems. Grouchy? Yoga, Google said. Tired? Try yoga, Google spouted. Old? Yoga is the fountain of youth, Google assured me. 

Where do I yoga? Do I need equipment to yoga? How many players are on a yoga team? Are downward facing dogs as cute as my dogs? Google had the answers. The most important answer being: Ohana. Though I don’t have a good track record of doing what I’m told, I decided to put aside my general dislike of authority and agree with Google. So I signed up. 

And it only took one class, my friends. One Lisa-led, heavenly, tough, blissful class.  One class where I focused on moving my body in a way I hadn’t before. One class where my brain had to think about places it had forgotten about and joint angles it never met before. I don’t believe in love at first sight. But yoga at first practice? Oh honey, yes. I was devoted. Like all good love stories, it began online and dramatically. And like all long-term relationships, we have peaks and valleys. But the way yoga changed my psyche has been monumental. 

Am I telling you I don’t have anxiety anymore? No. But I can read my body and I know the anxiety is coming. So I can head it off BEFORE I start feeling like trading in my husband for a chef/housecleaner. I have physical practices that help me take my mind right into my shoulders or hips and out of my head where my brain is 5 minutes from convincing me I am having a heart attack despite the total lack of symptoms. I can meditate and feel a part of something much bigger than my small problems in my small self in my small world. 

Ok, Cynthia, what’s your point? Here it is: Maybe you’ve never been to yoga. Maybe you’ve been practicing for a long time. Maybe you just started. Wherever you are in your yoga space, find that magic spark you had with yoga and work on your relationship with it. Recommit to class and be present. I promise you, your Sunday night self will thank you.


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