Remainder of the Year

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Wellness

“THIS moment is not an idea. It is the only reality.” – Sadhguru

We are nearing the end of a year that has affected every single person on this planet. As I reflect on what has transpired for myself personally and for the studio, I am proud of how we shifted into gear to support the community as quickly and effectively as we could.

Here is a recap:

  • We offered free videos on the website (which are still there!)
  • We gave discounts on the Zoom classes for 3 months.
  • We offered 12 weeks of Facebook Lives where we did free classes like crystal bowls, chanting, and mediations.
  • We wrote blogs on important subjects to help you take charge of your health immediately.
  • We offered Masterclasses on topics of yoga so you could utilize the information instantly at home.
  • We developed a membership of recorded Zoom classes, to allow you to do classes whenever and wherever you are in the world, daily if needed.
  • We started a podcast to educate you along your health journey, with experts in different fields. (which, by the way, a really good one just came out)
  • I made a personal commitment to teach every day and be available, at least until the end of 2020 (I have only missed two days).
  • We offered free private sessions.
  • We offered a free 10 day challenge, of emails with a focus daily to keep you in a mindset of growth, positivity and change.



We also changed up our structure of what we do in our classes (for the current world situation), as well as how classes are accessed. We have two main ways to get your dose of wellbeing:

  • Daily live classes in studio and on Zoom, with a class pass.
  • A monthly membership of 250 pre-recorded Zoom classes, and growing. We even have guest teachers with different styles!

These are two great options for getting in a practice as often as you can, and keep your self-care in the forefront.


Looking for a gift of heath for you and a loved one, to work on for the entire year of 2021?
It is a yearly pass with lots of extra benefits!

If you purchase the Ohana yearly pass anytime before the end of 2020, you will be able to share this pass with a loved one!!

So a child away at college, a loved one across the seas, a cousin in a different state, or a best friend needing to be connected in some way, is hugely possible. You two can take classes together, and allow accountability.

Since most of our classes are online and in studio, the online accessibility is key to forging this pass relationship (Pass can be activated whenever you both are ready).


You will also have full access to the Ohana Om Demand membership, so you never miss an opportunity to practice at any time of the day, nor the weather being an issue.


Each of you will receive a 30 minute private session with me at the beginning of your pass and at the end.

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to reach out for more information or to work out the details!

I Love you all!
Lisa 😉

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