Vagus Nerve

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Yoga

“What is good may not please everyone – what is pleasing may not be good for everyone” – Sadhguru 

Have you ever heard of the Vagus nerve?  It is sooooo fascinating!    It is an Intergral function of your nervous system and other areas of the body.  Did you know that if you feel nauseous, have heart burn, poor digestion, heart palpitations, dizziness, or anxiety, that they are indicators of a vagus nerve that has low tone?
I love it because when I feel ‘off’ in some way, I know I need to do things that help tone the vagus nerve.     And the things that help tone this nerve are fun!  Humming, laughter, hugging (soon!), being out in the sun, breathing properly, smiling and being in nature, just to name a few!!!
In yoga we are easily able to help you with this tone through proper breathing (diaphragm moving well) and humming/singing (through chanting).
Here are some links on this nerve, and do check out the pictures I have included, as they are too good not to use for a visual learner like me!
Vagus Nerve Article 1
Vagus Nerve Article 2
Vagus Nerve Video 1
Vagus Nerve Video 2
Take this information as another way to be in charge of your own health and self care!
Feel free to pass this along to anyone you think could benefit from this information.
Love you and stay safe!
Lisa 😉
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