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“You know how to stop judgement from other people?  You stop it from yourself.” – Sonia Zarbatany


When there is more vitality flowing through the body through yoga, meditation, breathing or mantra practice, obstacles seems less scary, more manageable and you can act from a more courageous self.   Gradually, if you expose yourself to things you fear, you tend reduce that threat response.  Since we are connected to each other as humans, we can find the same courageous strength with each other!!!!
“Courage is the power to act regardless of fear.   To be able to hold onto the thought, “I need to do this” or take action.  Courage triumphs over fear and uncertainty.   It allows you to move forward despite you being certain that you will receive pain, difficulties and sacrifices along the journey.”
Ohana has so much in store for you!!!!


Online Classes!

I just scheduled all of the Zoom classes for the week!  If you want to see the schedule please visit the website or check out our app to see them listed.   A few of the classes are different this week.   Check the schedule there.
Our link for Ohana classes is

30 Days to a Habit -Begins THIS Tuesday!!!

Join Chandra Carson and I for a 30 day program that will help you be more aligned with what you want in your life.  To find the power and confidence to ask for what you want from your natural state.   We will ask some tough questions in the beginning to get you to dig up your limiting beliefs and how you have adapted to, and then realign where you want to go through a developed plan over the next 30 days.   It’s like you will be getting your own ‘prescription’ of what will get you to the next steps in 30 days with our personal help and guidance!  There will be four calls with us and constant support throughout.    We are so excited to roll this out.  Please let us know if you have any questions about this program.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.  To register please go here.  What you think manifests VERY quickly right now, so let us help you to find a direction.  This is for anyone at home struggling to find a path including kids who had to move back home for a period of time, confused and anxious about the future.


Prenatal Yoga Training

Have you ever wanted to teach yoga to pregnant mommas?   It is such a special experience to bond with a momma and an unborn baby.  I ran this program in January and it was so utterly amazing to be able to share what I know and have experienced over the past 14 years.    The next scheduled date is May 16th and 17th, and will possibly be through Zoom, should we not be able to meet in person.  There are prerequisites, so now may be the time to start that!   We go over so so so many details that will help a grandparent, doula, current yoga teacher or medical professional to have a very well rounded approach to this rearing.   It is such a beautiful time to shift gears and help those that are bringing new humans onto this planet.


Private Teaching/Coaching/Guidance

I want to be here for you when things arise that you feel you don’t have control over.     We have express fundamental control and power to create whatever we want in life!  To be in the flow and live life on purpose, and live your life by design rather than by default.  So whether you need me for physical movement, or guidance in other areas of breath work, mantra, meditation or journaling, I can try to get you back on track.


Coming soon!

An online virtual studio membership
Masterclasses for the last week of April!!!!!!!


Love you and stay safe!
Lisa 😉


Mobile App! 
Our app is so handy! You can see all of the classes listed, with descriptions and the instructor teaching.   It is always the most up to date option for classes.
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