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A different approach to health care that restores vitality and function optimally by addressing and reversing dysregulation in the body and helping support the body’s self-healing capacity.   Balancing, harmonizing and detoxing the systems.

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There are five ways to keep the body in balance and practice well being:

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We are energy electrical beings. We can charge this by grounding on the earth, walking on the sand at the ocean, or use the amp coil to accelerate the process. Book an Amp Coil Session with me here
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Classes support a more conscious approach to breathing, but we also have a full body LED red light therapy system that helps to increase circulation and promote cellular healing to make the body function better, boosting immunity as well as allowing cells to be oxygenated better. Book a session with Ohana here
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Nervous System

Our nervous system is in a constant flux of unconscious sensory information. It either deduces we are safe, or it thinks we are under threat. The society we are in today (with information overload and the sheer amount of work we are doing) keeps us in a more locked long term stress state. If it didn’t we wouldn’t see so many illnesses. The Biomat and sound therapy helps to down regulate our nervous system so we have times of complete rejuvenation. Schedule a Biomat session  here
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Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is the only system that requires lots of movement all throughout the day to function well. We try to take care of how you can do these little movements throughout the day, but the Flowpresso fast tracks this with a full body, individualized way to drain the body. Try the Flowpresso with Ohana here
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What we put in our bodies is equally as important as how we care for it. We suggest seeing a Naturopathic doctor or Denise McMahon at a Bridge to Natural Wellness (603) 232-6506 
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