Quote for the day: “Motion is Lotion” ~Lisa Garside

In this episode our guest contributor Stacey Lyons interviews me this time!   We go over my history of yoga, how Ohana came to be, what Ohana is all about, and what we offer that is unique.

Lisa’s Bio:
Lisa is a certified yoga instructor, through Lithe & Easy Yoga, with over 19 years combined experience in both teaching and practice.

She began to explore yoga after a car accident left her with multiple pains, nerve damage and weight gain. Having tried many other conventional methods of coping, nothing seemed to help her daily headaches and focus. After taking one Yoga class, she was immediately rid of that days headache. It helped her cope with the day-to-day limited mobility. After a couple of years she was able to fully comprehend how yoga can help anyone and everyone.

The slow transition, into this lovely science, all happened while she worked in the corporate world for 8 years. Having experience in the workforce stresses and long work hours allows her to bring understanding and compassion into her teaching.

She was able to practice yoga through her 3 pregnancies and thankfully teach through the last. This brings a whole new knowledge and focus on what is needed during pregnancy and the benefits of a good bond during gestation.

Her biggest lesson learned is that the body and mind are limitless, no matter who you are, you just need to modify each practice to suit your own body and its capabilities.  She is able to adapt each class to the individual students body and how they show up energetically.

As a lifelong learner, I craft unique classes to provide a new experience every time you walk through the door.

She also runs the Ohana Yoga Training program, helping to pass on the traditions she has studied.


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Shop Ohana: https://ohanawellnessnh.com/shop-ohana/

Ohana OM Demand Class Membership and Ohana Yoga Training program: https://ohanayoganh.teachable.com/