Quote: “No one is immune to injury and life happening.  Your training should help mitigate injury.”
Sara-Clare is so much more incredible than I could have ever thought.  It’s hard to convey how much I enjoy doing podcasts and learning about the spirit of humans, who could either give up, or give into their life path, and being strong enough to do something about getting there.
You will love hearing about her story, her history, and how she approaches working with people.    It’s genuine how much she wants people to go throughout their day feeling safer,  to build a body more well rounded to meet life demands and challenges.   In her words….to live in grace and power… for survival.
We talked about her family, her background and history.  We spoke about her stages of approaching a client, weight training, adaptability and mitigating life.   She talks about making the workouts fun and different: how to adapt and improvise, getting into a flow state.  How to live in safe margins or landmarks, then building from there.   She likes to meet people where they are at, and then let the students have some responsibility to forge through trial and error, and allow for personal responsibility with what they are given.
She believes in communicating well, working with a team of individuals to improve someone live life.  Being patient, she strives to be joyful, kind, and intelligent in her approach.    We broke down movement concepts and talked about increasing stimulus to movement patterns in safe ways with different types of muscle contractions, different tempo, and added weight.
I can’t wait for you all to give it a listen and tell me your favorite part!
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