In this episode I spoke with Peter Van Twuyver who managed a Self Care Summit for Healers the week of January 24th.   It was called, ‘Empowering the Healer Within’. It was a panel of 30 speakers, who were in the health and healing field.  Six speakers, were revealed, each day.  I was actually one of the speakers on the first day!
There is still time to register for the Online Summit replay, you can Register Here!
Peter managed the process of getting interviews from everyone, all of the background work that you can imagine goes into featuring it, and now sorting through all of the questions, emails, and day to day work.
His interviews had a great mix of different healing modalities, while staying on topic of how caregivers can avoid burnout.
 I really wanted to immerse myself  in the week.  Of leaning into and learning more about things I didn’t know, but also fill some gaps of what I did, and ‘meet’ new people.
I committed to spending the days listening, absorbing, taking notes, and researching the ideas and people further.  I even reached out to some, during that week.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I like to go all in on anything I learn or do.  I was happy I kept my mindset on spirituality and self -care all week with very little gaps for letting any negativity in.
Throughout, my mind did wander to wondering what went into creating summit this and why.  So I reached out to Peter, and amidst his busyness, he agreed to record a podcast with me, so we could all be part of the process behind the process!
We talked about all that it entailed, his purpose, his takeaway, his role in it all, and his gratitude.   You can consider this a behind the scenes making of Season 2 of this Health Summit.
You still have time to register because Peter is giving a 48 hour window of time to replay this event February 5th and 6th.  You can register at 
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“Intuition is our birthright.” ~ Peter Van Twuyver