In this episode I was able to chat with Michelle Sengara of Toronto, Canada   I absolutely love Michelle. It’s so easy to converse with her as she connects the dots on higher thinking ideas, helping us put those ideas into perspective.  She holds pure joy in everything she does.
I’ve worked with Michelle on several projects, over some years now, and she does NOT disappoint.   No project is too small (or big), and she can really help organize the thoughts that float around in our brain, so we can see the bigger picture.
We talked about the current learning environment of online and in person, the pros and cons of each, what motivates people to learn, what 90 minute chunks of learning time are, the need to feel seen, evaluating skill sets, steps towards exploring a new career, our mindset, and the importance of self care.
She is so easy to talk to and a gem in the world of education, business, respect, yoga and organization.  I just love and respect her nature of continuous drive and aptitude of helping others.
Just a reminder that we did a podcast together in Season 1 that you can check out : Educational Landscape in the Changing World
And her website is done so well done, it will be fun to take a look around.

Someone who understands how our mental structures relate to our attitudes and actions. She has helped individuals, institutions and organizations optimize their performance through the design and delivery of cutting-edge skill systems that leverage technology to build compassion, connection and community.

She has worked as an educational consultant for over 10 years and across 4 continents, and 1 fact remains the same:
EDUCATION IS THE KEY to cultivating sustainable results.