In this episode I had the honor of interviewing Lama Willa, a teacher at the Wonderwell Buddhist center in Springfield, NH.

I had visited there with my husband years ago and loved the center, so it’s always been in the back of my mind. Lama Willa just recently released a book, and a good friend of mine gifted a copy to me. Reading it made me so happy, as it gives deeper meaning to what yoga is, other than most books which can gloss over the deeper intent. Yoga is about living in awareness at all times. She does a great job of detailing that out with many other concepts more developed for an inquiring mind.

I have wanted to have a Buddhist teacher on the podcast for a while now. Someone I could ask questions that had direct teachers in the lineage. She was gracious to say yes to this interview!

She has much rich history in traveling with monks, being in the mountains, her journey of self discovery, and paying it forward with her teachings.

We spoke about who Buddha is, initial ideas in the teachings of Buddhism, Mindfulness, pathways of habits, somatic awareness, and meditation.

I will include links to her book, the website to the center, her upcoming workshops and about her education in the episode notes.

I hope you enjoy the discussion as much as I did!

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