In this episode I was able to chat with Kaya Mindlin.    She lives yoga in every way. Her lifestyle, studies, how she raises her children, her relationship with her husband, friends and community, as well as how she makes herself in service to others with knowledge that may not be as accessible or as easily understood by others.
She lives in California and was kind enough to fit this in, in-between her very busy schedule.   I feel that she is key in helping us with our ongoing education.
We talked about how to find a teacher, using discernment, having a healthy student/teacher relationship and teaching on purpose.   She even gave a nice description of what Dharma means.
It was a very simple conversation but covered some important topics in depth.  I really did enjoy the simplicity of it and going a bit deeper, in a relaxed way.
Kaya is a delight and we are lucky to have this conversation recorded for you all.
Just a reminder that we did a podcast together in Season 1:
Instagram: @kayamindlin
Quote:  “Teachers who are agenda free will adapt to the student.”