In this episode I interviewed Kate O’Donnell. Kate specialized in Ayurvedic education, cooking skills, and cleansing programs. She offers online training, residential immersions, and individual consultations. These teachings help others come closer to their true nature.

I have been trying to find someone to speak about Ayurveda for two years now. It is the sister science to yoga and has roots in food, balancing of the elements in the body, noticing when imbalances arise, and to have preventative maintenance in your day to day lifestyle. I think of Ayurveda as a way to be empowered in your rituals, habits, and nutritional choices. It is a way to take control of your health.

We spoke about the 6 steps to illness, why food is so important, what doshas are, and how to manage imbalances. I truly love that she travels to India, yearly, to keep up with her studies, as yoga and Ayurveda are so closely linked.

These are fundamental concepts that I hope you get so much out of. I am including the links to her three books as well as how you can get in touch with her for programs, classes and workshops.

Her first book has the seasons broken out by with a shopping list of foods grown seasonally. The recipes are easy, delicious, and nutritious.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or to share what you learned.

Available Books:
Educational programs: