“We have a drive to serve and a longing to connect”. ~Jenn Cardoso

In this episode we cover all things nervous system, trauma, self-regulation and resiliency.   Jenn takes us through her own personal history, and how she dealt with what came up and who she worked with.   She also touches upon the Polyvagal theory and window of tolerance.  We speak about how it is possible that our jobs value nervous system dysregulation and the need to be on call at all times.  She speaks about how the nervous system guides all of our experiences and behaviors, and what are some signs to look for as well as self-regulation strategies.    

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Extra Resources:

Video:  Daniel Siegel Hand Model

PDF File: Window Of Tolerance Infographic

Video: Deb Dana describes the Polyvagal Theory (a very concise and digestible recap of our discussion!)

Here’s a few short videos for self regulation from Jenn:  

Ball rolling to ground

Quadrant pat down

Moving hug to ground and calm