What is Energy?

In this episode I speak with Stacey Lyons on all things energy.  How it can affect you, how you can protect yourself, understanding what it is, and not letting it scare you.     There is so much unseen and we want you to feel empowered about your choices and reactions.

Stacey is a Certified Life Force Energy Healer, Certified Usui Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer, Ordained Minister, and Certified Medium. Stacey has performed International Spiritual Consulting readings, and her spiritual writings have reached over 90 countries. Besides Stacey’s lightworker abilities, her extensive knowledge of Spiritual energy, Chakra’s, Crystals,  and Empaths are the skills that will make your experience with Elysian Life Design a unique one!

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Audible Original: Morning Meditations For Daily Magic  – Narrated By Jeremy Falk


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