Devadas:  Kirtan

This interview delighted me so much!   I just love chanting and Devadas brought me into that world a little more than before.   I had done it so much more as a task to chant 108 times on a mala, and he showed me how you can chant as devotion and giving yourself up to the vibration of song.   He will explain everything there is to know about what it is, and how he got started.  Plus a lot more of how it can affect someone’s life.   

Kirtan (Sanskrit: कीर्तन; IAST: Kīrtana) is a Sanskrit word that means “narrating, reciting, telling, describing” of an idea or story, specifically in Indian religions. Texts typically cover religious, mythological or social subjects.

In this interview, we discussed the following Sanskrit words:

  • Satsang
  • Bhajan
  • Ganesh

He plays the Harmonium.   

Where to find him:






His music and albums are on Spotify and iTunes.