In this episode I interviewed Deb Connor.  Deb is a student of Ohana.  She came to class initially in June of 2021 being a little hesitant about what we did and what yoga was all about.   I am always so appreciative of people stepping outside of their comfort zone and trusting me with their physical and mental health.

I had had an idea about wanting to be available to answer questions from a student’s perspective and air it for you all.    She was new enough that she didn’t have any prior experience, but took enough classes to really have a good idea of the mix and flavor of what we offer.    I had figured she would be a perfect candidate to have a nice candid informational session about what I do in classes, in case people were unsure or scared to try.    I like to serve the greater good, work with people on a long term care plan, explain in detail the mechanism of our nervous system, and gather ways to ground and reduce physical and mental stressors.

I enjoyed this quite a bit and think we will do it more often.    It was easier for me to take the time to sit and explain more of what I do, instead of trying to fit it all in while teaching, moving, looking around at students in class, and managing Zoom.

This will officially be a series where we will continue to unfold what I do and the whys.   If you want to ask her questions anonymously to ask me during the interview, please email her at  That way you can get the most out of this series.

I am excited to veer off a bit and sprinkle these in, so I can continue to help people in another avenue.

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