“Everyone is hurting in some way.” ~Lois Hermann

Lois is a Board Certified Hypnotist, A certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer, multi-registered medical professional, has other techniques such as EFT (tapping), and energy clearing and alignment.  Through these techniques she empowers others to expand their lifestyles and offerings to the world.

She is an award winning author AND if that wasn’t enough, she has a Radio show called ‘Inspiring Hope’  on WSMN  Radio 1590……Which coincidentally I will be a guest on – on March 6th at 9am!

I was introduced to her when I was involved in the Summit Health program several weeks ago and she was one of other speakers.  I was drawn to her immediately and reached out as soon as I started watching her video.  I felt her guidance and energy as something I wanted in my life.   I knew she was someone we ALL needed to know more about.

I could have talked to her for hours.   We talked a lot about energy and how it affects us through all that we do.  We also talked about life and its challenges and going through circumstances with more grace, and to attract more of what we do want.

She has written three pretty incredible books, and I have already read two of them since our interview.   I have enormous respect for the way she puts herself out there, doing things that could be difficult for many people.   She hasn’t  let fear stop her along her journey.  She listened to the signs of where she was being pushed to go, and did it gracefully.  When she works with someone she asks brilliant questions, during sessions, to ensure we get the most out of our short lives here.  She doesn’t cut any corners. She wants each person to feel whole again.   Yes, part of this is her intuition, but also  her intelligence, experience and knowledge is helpful too.

I can’t wait for you to learn more about Lois.  Sit back, enjoy, and check out her books, radio show, websites, offerings and programs and groups.

Websites: www.loishermann.com

Chronicles of Hope Website: https://www.chroniclesofhope.net/

You can order the books here too.

Spirits of Amoskeag Website: http://spiritsofamoskeag.com

Radio Show

Inspiring Hope – Sundays at 9am: