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Ohana Yoga serves as educational experiences to those wanting to include mindful practices into their lifestyle.

How we move, how we think,  how we breathe and how we speak are innervated into our sense of wellbeing and safety, right down to the cells. The body always reacts with or without your consent.  Sometimes these reactions make sense, and other times our lives can be turned upside down. When life becomes stressful, it asserts an unmanageable response to how day to day activities affect us.  It usually is because we are not prepared for ALL the variabilities of what could happen. Since we can never prepare for everything that could be presented in front of us, the only thing we can do is begin to train the body to react in a more conscious place of awareness.  To teach it to know the extremes of softness and strength, stress and rest. To understand subtle sensations and where the push and pull is in your life.   
We are available to supply opportunities for this training and education, through classes and programs, in two ways:  In the local studio OR online through our various options.   


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Connecting Internally

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What Our Yoga Family Says

“Ohana Yoga Studio is welcoming to all people. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, there is a class for you! Lisa, the owner, is warm & friendly and has created an atmosphere of peace & calm.”

Heather Moran

What Our Yoga Family Says

“The studio itself is welcoming and calm and Lisa accepts everyone wherever they are in terms of fitness, age or size. She provides a untiring environment for folks to take a breath and take care of their bodies and minds. I highly recommend Ohana yoga!”

Marti Capuco

What Our Yoga Family Says

“The prenatal yoga class saved me during my pregnancy. It kept me active and really gave me an extra level of bonding with not only myself and my child, but with Lisa the Instructor as well.”

Ashley Anderson

Ohana Yoga Studio

What Sets Us Apart

We are here for your long term journey

We know it takes time to cultivate progress and permanent change in your tissues, in your habits, and in your brain patterning.    We have spent thousands of dollars and years of education cultivating our skills.   We have taken life experience and watching students in class grow, to hone our craft and servitude to the greater picture.  We want to see people out of pain, not leading you just to lead, but to watch how our words land on you and see how we can do better.  We are not just a yoga studio. We are a place where you are doing conscious movement capturing the entire nervous system.  We are a place where you are come to blend strength and stability, before training flexibility and mobility.  Our teachers are prepared with principles of physical therapy and neuroscience combined, to look at the bigger picture of well being.

How We Move & Flow

Each class creates a positive energetic space to rejuvenate & regenerate the mind, body and soul

Our teachers and instructors will make you feel comfortable and are non-judgmental

A wide variety of diverse ongoing classes are offered to fit every body’s needs

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Studio Location:

329 Camp Merrimac Road,
Contoocook, NH 03229   

(603) 748-1539   

Mailing Address:

PO Box 624,
Henniker, NH 03242